Arbiter Miniatures KS 3: Heroes of the Realm, supportless 3d printable miniatures

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Arbiter Miniatures KS 3: Heroes of the Realm, supportless 3d printable miniatures

Theis Haagh Jakobsen
2 ratings

60 Miniature STL files from the Arbiter Miniatures Kickstarter #3 - more info here:


PLEASE NOTE: These models are tested for 100% supportless printing on BOTH resin and fdm 3d printers.


You are not allowed to sell or distribute the 3D files.

The allowed changes to the model are mirror, scale, hollow and cut of the object in parts as long as they are subsequently reassembled in the post-printing phase so as not to alter the final yield. Other types of modifications are not allowed.

You must credit us as the artist, and link our Instagram page.

If you wish you can use our renderings or our photos of the models in your shop.

You cannot use the miniatures in any type of project. (such as crowdfunding projects, board games, NFT's etc.)

You can't make cast/molds or mass production and you can't use our models (or portion of them) to create new stuff.

We remind everyone that the commercial license is necessary to undertake any type of sale of printed models, whether this is done through an online store, through a physical store or not.

Commercial license can be bought by contacting Arbiter Miniatures here:


All copyrights belong to Theis Haagh Jakobsen, NO rights are assigned or transferred to the end-user. My designs are protected by intellectual property laws.

I want this!

60 high quality supportless STL files

2.09 GB


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